Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My mission is incredible and I am so grateful to be out here!

Hey Mom! This week was great! We have another on date in the YSA branch named "J"! He is on date for February 6th! We just met him last night and we are excited to meet with him again. He is GOLDEN like no other investigator I've seen before. 
"K" is still doing VERY well but he wont be getting baptized as soon as we had hoped. He wants some time to develop his testimony and to develop the courage to talk to his parents mainly. He is not excited at the prospect of letting them know he wants to get baptized into this church. We had a good talk with him about that though so we're hoping he just does it and takes whatever comes. He's just afraid of the unknown really so we explained that if he loves God and is devoted to Jesus Christ, then everything will work out fine! He's still scared though. I don't blame him a bit. 
"I" is incredible. He bore his testimony yesterday and did a great job. Let me just say that he and "A. K." are the type of guys I would let my sisters marry haha. They are studs! He is preparing now to become a Priest (He's a Deacon) and he really wants to go to the temple. 
I bore my testimony too yesterday. I haven't gone up to do that for a little bit. I'm glad I did!
Glad to hear that Star Wars was great! Can't wait to see it!
The "N's" are hanging in there. We hope their situation improves a bit.
That is cool to hear about the Anonymous person! I am very grateful for that and for all the contributions people have made. Could you please let them all know how much I really do appreciate it? My mission is incredible and I am so grateful to be out here.
On New Years we taught "K" and also "T" and the "P" Brothers. "T" and the "P's" are recent converts. We made chicken and pork tamales with them! It was very fun! And Yummy!
Got your cards! I loved them! Hope to respond as quickly as I can! Transfer calls are this Saturday!!! We'll see what happens!

I love you! -Elder B

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