Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Moses Lake:

Hi Mom! 

You'll have to tell the Monson's that lots of people from Moses lake say Hi!

Sister Hogsett had us for dinner on Tuesday and it was really good! She did tell me about my temple question. It sounds like it's super complicated. I'm not going to worry about it for the time being. It was raining ALL day on Tuesday and it stunk... Then the next day it got all sunny and warm up through SundaySunday then got really foggy and cold. Luckily members here are very willing to help us and give us rides when we need them. We didn't have to ride bikes at all yesterday. And no, an umbrella wouldn't do any good :) I'm going to get wet either way! 

I love biking actually! It's not something I want to do for the rest of my mission. I'd like to be back in a car but I think it will be okay. Especially as spring comes in. The hardest part about riding a bike is that it's still winter. We don't have any snow on the ground but the cold air isn't fun. 

That's crazy to hear about your van accident! Nope I wasn't hurt in the accident I was in. It happened just after we left Ellensburg. I was in the backseat left side of the corolla and we got hit on the right side. We were turning left and it obviously wasn't our turn to go... Elder W. tried to avoid it but this lady in another little car ran straight into us. We were like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??" and then BAM! Her car had like 2 scratches on it but our car had a big dent right in the middle of the two right side passenger doors. It was BRAND NEW off the lot that day. Elder W was pretty embarrassed.. No one was hurt but I wish I took some pictures haha! The lady was totally cool  and didn't care about the accident. Elder W and I freaked out though because we were with 2 young elders and none of us had ever been in a wreck on the mission. (There's a procedure to undergo for the church legal system but it turned out not to be too hard) :)

We had a neat missionary broadcast on Wednesday from Salt lake. Learned lots of good stuff! It was all about making sure conversion and repentance happens before baptism because that seems to be a big issue. Elders Andersen, Bednar and Oaks spoke as well as Sister Oscarson and Elder Clayton and a couple others. 

I've been very busy trying to meet all of our investigators and keep their names all straight. There's a lot going on here! It feels good to be this busy! Yakima and Wenatchee were pretty slow going as far as areas normally go. I'm not a fan of covering 2 units at a time but it's fine :) 7th ward is amazing! 4th ward is still getting there but the work is definitely picking up!

We've also had a couple training sessions on family history this week. Mostly on how to help others get started. I've been able to accomplish a couple things though! I can't wait to get more into it after my mission. We also had our first district council on Wednesday. Elder Bonzo is a good DL! Very down to earth and pretty cool! He came from the Vancouver mission. 

We have zone conference tomorrow so be on the lookout for some pictures! :) I love you!

-Elder Brinkerhoff


Guess who is here with me in Moses Lake!

Moses Lake Bible study:

My new companion, Elder Poloncic:

Saying goodbye to people in Yakima:

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