Monday, April 13, 2015

Hi mom! 
I'm working on a letter to you today and I will have a package to send home soon with random stuff in it.

Yep! Still loving Kennewick! It's great! We just had a stake re-organization but we haven't been affected too much. We are having a short meeting today about it with our zone leaders to find out which wards we cover and stuff but I'm sure it won't affect much. Only one new ward was created. We will also be attending a new building that was recently built! We got to help load stuff into the new building and that was a neat experience! Never done that before! We are likely to be the first missionaries to serve in this new building! We found 4 new investigators this week!

I like that second caption for my photo haha  (I sent him two captions for his "Yolo St." photo from two posts ago--first was "You Only Live Once!", second was "You Only Lack Ordinances!")

We didn't do anything much on easter. It was pretty much a normal day. Mother's Day is in a few weeks though! :) I am excited for that!

Conference was great! We loved it! We watched one session with a recent convert at a member's home. "G" is our RC (recent convert) and he propagates coral and keeps clown fish in his basement. He's also got a sweet home theater system down there. I have pictures and video I will send you of that. We watched the rest of conference at the gage building next to the temple. It's cool! We live like 5 minutes away from the temple. It's nice. The only drawback is that we can't go whenever we want to... I loved the Priesthood session. Elder Ballard and President Monson's talks were my favorites. I thought it was weird that President Monson didn't speak more. Did you hear anything about that? We were worried that he was having some health issues like president Benson did. 

That's exciting to hear about the new facebook page! 

My letter will have more detail in it. Tell Nathan I love him and miss him! I'll be back next year! It will come very fast :) And I'll get to skype next month too! I love you! Have a great week!

Love Elder B
The Temple!

The people we live with are so cool!!!! :o)

Here's our car and where we live!

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