Monday, February 23, 2015

We are working hard and seeing a lot of miracles!

Hey Mom! It's going well! Can't wait to get your letter! We have 2 new investigators this week! A lady named "D" who may or may not be that interested and a girl who just turned 9 named "I" who lives in a semi-active family. "B" is still working on some things but he is close to baptism and so are "A" and her husband "R". He came to church for the 1st time yesterday and now is interested in taking the discussions. We are working hard and seeing a lot of miracles! Elder "P" has a lot of good ideas. He's a good companion :)

Looking forward to seeing how much I get from taxes!

That's funny that you see WKM (Washington Kennewick Mission) on license plates frequently! haha

That's a great goal you have! (No treats for all of 2015). I might have to start not eating sweets too haha! Elders seem to get health conscious and Sisters find all the treats they can haha! Missions are weird... BUT GREAT :)

I loved the valentines day box!! Made me happy! 

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